5.4. Poetical Manuscripts



Coningsby Harl. 7392 

Finet, Rawl.Poet. 85 

Cornwallis V.a.89



A day, a night, an hour of sweet content

78v  I. I.



Harl. 6910, f.156

A crown of bays shall that man wear





Fram'd in the front of forlorn hope





Ev'n as the wax doth melt





Howe can the feeble forte

71    ---

114r  Mrs M: R:



I am not as I seem to be





I said and swore it that would never love

26    ---


f. 31

Rawl.poet 172, f. 07r

If care or skill could conquer vain desire





If fortune may enforce

19     RO. LOO.  Balle




If women could be fair

33 v    (RW)

16    Earll of Oxenforde


Rawl.poet 172, f.06v

In Peascod time

51 - 53    L. ox.

51 - 53   ---



My meaning is to work





My mind to me a kingdom is

73v    BALL.

19    E. Dier


Harvard  f MS. 1015 >L. Ver.< (f. 14v) 

My waning ioyes, my still

67v     -----

018v      ------



Short is my rest

73      Ball.

50 v    A. H.


Harl. 6910, f.148

Sitting alone upon my thought

63      A.Vauasoure

11    earle of Oxforde

f. 13    Vavaser

Arund. Harington, f. 179 [E.Veer count d'oxford]

That self same tongue (To a frend and lover)




Rawl.poet 172, f. 06r ; Rawl.poet 172, f. 05v

The dreary day when I must take


18v    ----



The lively lark

67      ---

14 v  Earle of Oxforde



The trickling tears that fall along my cheeks





Though I seem strange

40 H.W. Ball   

017r   D

f. 08    Vavaser

Harl. 6910, f.145   "La. B. to N."

Were I a king



07     Vere

Harl. 6910, f.140 v; Farmer Chetham MS.8012 ("Sidney")

What is desire, which doth approve

21     Ewph.




What thing is love? A vain conceit

68      ----

13v    ----



When I was fair and young

21 v  Ely [zabeth]

01     Elizabethe regina

f. 12   >l: of oxforde<


When that thine eye hathe chose

43    RE RP



Rawl.poet 172, f. 02v

When wert thou born

18 v    Lo.Ox.

15 v   Earle of Oxenforde


Harl. 6910, f.145; Arund. Harington, f. 189

Where griping griefs

50 v    balle




Whereas the heart at tennis

35      Therle of Ox.

106  ---



Who taught thee first

70 v    Ball

16 v  Earlle of Oxenforde



Winged with desire

52 v    Lo. Ox.

48 v   ---