5.4. Poetical Manuscripts



Coningsby Harl. 7392 

Finet, Rawl.Poet. 85 

Cornwallis V.a.89



A day, a night, an hour of sweet content

78v  I. I.



Harl. 6910, fol.156

A crown of bays shall that man wear





Fram'd in the front of forlorn hope





Ev'n as the wax doth melt





Howe can the feeble forte

71    ---

114r  Mrs M: R:



I am not as I seem to be





I said and swore it that would never love


97 (?)

fol. 31

Rawl.poet 172, fol. 07r

If care or skill could conquer vain desire





If fortune may enforce

19     RO. LOO.  Balle




If women could be fair

33 v    (RW)

016    Earll of Oxenforde


Rawl.poet 172, fol.06v

In Peascod time

51 - 53    L. ox.

051 - 53   ---



My meaning is to work





My mind to me a kingdom is

73v      Ball

019    E. Dier


Harvard  f MS. 1015 >L. Ver.< (f. 14v) 

My waning ioyes, my still

67v     -----

018v      ------



Short is my rest

73      Ball

050 v     A. H.


Harl. 6910, fol.148

Sitting alone upon my thought

63      A.Vauasoure

011    earle of Oxforde

13    Vavaser

Arund. Harington, f. 179 [E.Veer count d'oxford]

That self same tongue (To a frend and lover)




Rawl.poet 172, fol. 06r ; Rawl.poet 172, fol. 05v

The dreary day when I must take


018v    ----



The lively lark

67      ---

014 v  Earle of Oxforde



The trickling tears that fall along my cheeks





Though I seem strange

40     (H.W.) Ball     

017r   (D)

08    Vavaser

Harl. 6910, fol.145   "La. B. to N."

Were I a king



07     Vere

Harl. 6910, fol.140 v; Farmer Chetham MS.8012 ("Sidney")

What is desire, which doth approve

21     Ewph.




What thing is love? A vain conceit

68      ----

013v    ----



When I was fair and young

21 v    Ely(zabeth)

001     Elizabethe regina

12   >l: of oxforde<


When that thine eye hathe chose

43     (R.P)



Rawl.poet 172, fol. 02v

When wert thou born

18 v    Lo.Ox.

015 v   Earle of Oxenforde


Harl. 6910, fol.145; Arund. Harington, f. 189

Where griping griefs

50 v    Balle




Whereas the heart at tennis

35      Therle of Ox.

106  ---



Who taught thee first

70 v    Ball

016 v  Earlle of Oxenforde



Winged with desire

52 v    Lo. Ox.

048 v   ---